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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Network of the Year

Baker Tilly Malta is a member of one of the world’s fastest growing networks recognized as Baker Tilly International. Baker Tilly Malta aims to create a balance between outstanding client service, the financial success of its clients, the firm and its staff. The Firm prides itself on maintaining excellent services which meet and surpass client’s expectations. To further these delivered services, this year, Baker Tilly International launched their new exciting Global Audit Methodology within their network, which focuses the audit approach on risks relevant to each individual client. This new technology further enhances the company’s capabilities of delivering high-quality multi-jurisdictional audits. We are happy to note that Baker Tilly Malta is currently in the process of implementing such audit methodology.


Very recently, Baker Tilly International has been named winner of the prestigious Network of the year award at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) awards for 2016.

The annual Accountant & International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) awards celebrate excellence in the accounting profession and bring together some of the most prominent people and firms in the industry.

This IAB Network of the Year is awarded to networks that have demonstrated the execution of profitable growth strategies during the past 12 months, and has excelled in a number of strategic and operational areas. They are also recognized by the industry as a reputable brand that consistently delivers high quality, forward thinking, and professional service.


Commenting on the award, Ted Verkade, CEO and President of Baker Tilly International said: “I am exceptionally proud that the network has been recognized by IAB for our outstanding growth, our innovation and commitment to delivering excellent client service, and for being the first network to obtain the ACCA Approved Employer status award in professional development”. It was the Judges themselves who praised the network as a whole especially for its innovation when it came to the implementation of Global Focus, Baker Tilly International’s new audit methodology taken up and utilized by all member firms.

In today’s competitive and ever changing environment, businesses need to be able to use all the resources they are able to attract, highlighting the importance of acquired skills and knowledge. The firm places major emphasis on the constant need for its own resources to embark on career development objectives, and as a result, Baker Tilly Malta Manages to provide an impeccable service to its ever growing client base.

It may be pertinent to state that Baker Tilly Malta has been attracting new professionals amongst its fold and this has been duly recognized in so much as that last year the firm has been officially accredited as an ICAEW Training Employer.

Indeed, Baker Tilly Malta has become a true positive reflection of the overall global growth of Baker Tilly International, of which it is a very valued Independent member.